Articles’s Color Palette Generator

In Experiments on January 31, 2010 by nameplace

Michelle posted a great series of links to color sites, one of them accomplishes a something similar to an experiment I originally intended to just do using my eye, but digitally:, so I decided to try it that way…

For a good variety of color in the test image, I chose a tetrad color scheme. The goal was to extract the main colors that appear on screen. There’d ideally be no maximum or minimum number of colors, and the colors would be ranked by their prominence in each quadrant of the image… But to start, here is the form of the experiment…

but since the site does have a maximum of 10 colors that it picks out, I tested how the choices vary in the standalone images… 


and here are the results:

…which differed quite a bit from the original! The bright greens in the tree frog and the oranges in the turmeric powder didn’t show up at first, but returned when DeGraeve analyzed each image separately.

I tested another image, one that I thought was very colorful, and which to my had a lot of blue, yellow, green & red, in that order, but was quite surprised when DeGrave’s palette generator didn’t identify red as one of the main colors…

so maybe the generator goes by the number of pixels of a certain colors in the image?? Because I definitely see red here, and I think without it, the image wouldn’t have the color contrast that makes it jump… what do you think?


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