color wheel

In Experiments on February 7, 2010 by nameplace

I just finished making a 12- color wheel from Color Aid papers. It took a lot longer to make than I’d have thought initially, and the process involved a lot of trial and error.

Here’s an overview:

1. Selected the hues from the Color Aid set that most matched how I thought the pure spectral colors looked

2. Cut equal-sized equilateral triangles from the colors (equilateral triangles makes it easier to keep the sizes and angles consistent)

3. I then laid down the triangles and tried to figure out how they should fit together in a circle while trying to avoid creating distracting white spaces

4. The first problem i ran into came when I realized that the triangles placed side-by-side didn’t make a circle! note: one way to avoid this problem would have been to first measure the angles and make sure they added up to a full 360 degrees before cutting the papers (and in my case gluing them down oops!)

5. Working around this though, I continued to play with place and see how close together I should make the triangles, but realized that the diameter of the circle shrunk so drastically that it was worth trying something else…

6. I flipped the pieces over so that the points faced out instead of in and still played around with spacing

7. Instead of using rubber cement, which dried too quickly, or not using adhesive which is counterproductive, i decided to use a dot of poster putty on the back of each triangle, as I manipulated the pieces

8. Once I felt that I had fairly even circle, i used a pencil to mark the edges of each piece’s position

9. Starting from the darkest hue,violet, I rubber cemented each triangle in place, not overly minding the overlapping in the center. Note: although I had originally drawn a circle guide, I didn’t end up using it, nor pinpointing an exact center; that the pieces were of equal size helped, so I just eyeballed it

10. Then I erased the pencil marks, picked up the extra cement, cropped the edges, measured traced and cut a circle in the middle and voila!


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