some interesting points from PANTONE

In Experiments on April 2, 2010 by nameplace

In the past 10 years, particularly in metropolitan areas, people have become more open to color. For instance, 10 years ago Kitchen Aid mixers came in 2 colors and they now come in 26!

Orange, not red, is the warmest color in the spectrum

Infants see primary colors first and then secondary colors. It’s one red, a primary color, is the favorite color of many young children.

Some examples of color use in branding: Prada & Armani deep black, UPS brown, Tiffany’s blue, Apple white, Coca Cola red, and Absolut branded a clear colorless liquid with a range of colors!

Every year, PANTONE puts together a palette of 80 colors with a few core colors that become (often accurate) trend predictions. For example, 2 years ago Michelle Obama wore yellow to the president’s inauguration, PANTONE predicted the yellow color trend, which we can now see.

Some of the factors that go into predicting color trends and developing annual palettes:

– who are the industry drivers? (Fashion is still the defining market for color trends, so industry drivers are usually fashion designers)

– what are economic trends?

– what are social and cultural trends?

– what do retailers want to sell in their stores?

– what was last season’s palette? (there is usually not a huge jump from year to year. A couple of core colors carry over, particularly if they are used in more expensive goods that the consumer is unlikely to replace each year).

For the past 5-6 years, purple has become quite prominent in men’s fashion and it started with purple fleeces.

Purple (and then pink) is the most common color for wedding dresses in 2010.

Pink is one of PANTONE’s 2011 core color trend predictions.

The Starbucks phenomenon: before 15 years ago when Starbucks began to spread everywhere, people had moved away from brown but because of the chain’s use of brown in their decor, and of course brown being the color of the coffee, people took a greater interest in it and consumers are now open to buying, decorating with, and even wearing it.

If a color trend lasts long enough, it’s incorporated into the PANTONE color family, as was the case with metallics several years ago.


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