In Experiments on April 10, 2010 by nameplace

if there is one thing i learned from experimenting with patterns it is the critical need to keep them simple. I started with 1 motif, black and white, ogee grid. I then reversed the colors, experimented with 1 glide and then a rotation and then another glide. next was 50% decrease in scale, and then a couple of random layers. and the pattern variations kept multiplying the are sooo many possibilities, and i could probably use a mathematical equation to figure out exactly how many patterns i could come up with given the number of variables i was working with (but i won’t!!!) unfortunately i had to stop somewhere…in pure black and white alone (excluding percentages of black!) i could have also experimented with the reverse of the large and small motif on the same pattern and maybe layered it a couple of times. maybe transparency, or a 45 degree angle rotation, or more negative space, or more overlapping, and on and on… but as this is a color blog, i’m going to have to move on (very sad!). look out for color next!


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