comments on color workshop

In Experiments on May 10, 2010 by nameplace

After taking the Color Workshop course, I have become much more aware of color schemes than I was before. I can choose color more systematically and can create more interesting palettes too. Before taking this class, the concept of color harmony confused me greatly and I didn’t understand what it meant when colors were harmonious among many other points on color, which I understand better now. Because we explored color through various mediums outside of digital and managing our color choices digitally, I can certainly apply the knowledge I gained in my future work, and in general, I see myself being much more deliberate in working with the range of color in the future.

How I approach color has changed over the past 15 weeks because I am more aware of working with color in groups. I look at other designers work and can better see why they might have chosen to work with the colors they did. When I notice something that isn’t designed, particularly groups of objects within my field of vision, I think about ways that color relationships might be improved. In general, working with color has not only benefited my understanding of it but also my awareness of other design elements as well and I can see much better.


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